Lockdown Hair Mess Help!

Lockdown Hair Mess Help!

Not having access to the hairdressers will have caused many mums an interesting dilemma with their little girls hair. One option is to hack away at their hair with the kitchen scissors and hope the result doesn't look too bad. As long as the hair is out of their eyes and they can get back to their homeschooling then no harm done! Second time around improved skills and pre-practice will surely give better results!! 

We would love to see the results of mums home hairdressers skills - please tag us on any of our social media channels - the best picture will win a gift voucher! 

The alternative to the kitchen scissors is to let it grow (think of the song from the Lorax!). Letting it grow requires a little helping hand from a clip, bobble, bow or two! Well - fear not we've been working super hard to make hair accessories for every style and situation! 

Here's a quick selection of a few of the solutions we've put together for when that hair gets out of control! 

Pink Bow Hair Clip

Pink Flower Jewell Hairband

Green Hair Clip

Huge Flower Headband

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