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Lace Butterfly Hair Clip


Gingham Butterfly Hair Clip

PinkBlueGreenHot pinkPurpleRedYellow

Layered Butterfly Hair Clip

RedBlueBrownHot pinkLilac purplePinkWhite

Polka Dot Butterfly Hair Clip

GreyBlueGreenHot pinkLight bluePinkPurpleRedWhiteYellowBlack

Contrasting Layered Butterfly Hair Clip

£0.99 – £1.99
BlueLilac purplePinkRedWhite

Mini Button Flower Hair Clip


Polka Dot Flower Hair Clip

PinkBlackBrownBlueGreenHot pinkOrangePurpleRedYellowWhite

Felt Flower with Button Hair Clip

GreenBlackBlueBrownHot pinkPinkPurpleRedYellow

Gingham Flower Hair Clip

WhiteRedGold yellowHot pinkBlackBrownGreenPinkPurple

Organza Flower Hair Clip

PinkBlackBlueBrownCreamGreenHot pinkOrangePurpleRedYellow

Flower with Button Hair Clip

Lilac purpleBlueGreyHot pinkPinkRedWhite

Mini Satin Pearl Flower Hair Clip