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Large Grosgrain Bow Hair Clip

Beautiful large grosgrain bow hair clip. Classic and cute, a perfect fun accessory for your little princess.

Bottle greenBluebell blueBrownCreamDusty pinkFushia pinkGoldGreenHot pinkGreyLemon yellowBlueLilac purplePeachy orangePale pinkPinkRedSage greenSalmon pinkTurquoiseWhiteYellow

Large Ruffle Rose Bow Hair Clip

Large Ruffle rose bow with baby rose ruffles very cute effect.

PinkBlueBluebell blueBlackCreamHot pinkGreenGreyLemon yellowLilac purpleOrangePeachy orangeRedWhiteYellow

Large Polka Dot Grosgrain Bow Hair Clip

Beautiful Large grosgrain bow with cute polka dots. A perfect classic accessory for your little one.

Bluebell blueBottle greenBrownCreamHot pinkGreyLilac purplePale pinkPeachy orangePinkRedSalmon pinkWhiteYellow